Our Approach

We approach the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder with one thing in mind: your child receiving the best intervention available.

Blue Sprig Pediatrics works alongside your current team of professionals: pediatricians, psychologists, and speech language pathologists, to make sure every stakeholder is collaboratively working toward the same goals. Our team members will work tirelessly to assure your child’s individualized treatment plan best suits his or her unique needs.

ABA Therapy

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is derived from behavioral science and aimed at increasing socially appropriate behaviors and decreasing inappropriate responses in the natural environment. For individuals diagnosed with Autism, ABA-based procedures can be loosely categorized as “comprehensive” or “focused” interventions.

Whether your child is participating in a focused or comprehensive intervention, features common to all ABA-based approaches are:

  • The objective measurement of behavior.
  • Use of procedures based on scientifically established principles of behavior.
  • Precise control of the environment to allow for the objective evaluation of outcomes.

With your participation and support we will make a difference in your child’s life together.

Comprehensive Interventions

Comprehensive Interventions are typically provided for an extended period and is often a home or center-based program. Skills targeted include: attention, discrimination, language/communication, and socialization. These programs rely on the use of clear instruction, reinforcement, teaching small units of behavior, and repeated trials to maximize learning opportunities.

Research studies have demonstrated that center-based comprehensive ABA interventions are highly effective in improving IQ, adaptive skills, and social functioning when programming is delivered 25-40 hours per week.

Research also suggests that these gains are more robust the earlier programming is initiated in a child’s life.

Focused Interventions

Focused Interventions are designed to address specific behavioral concerns including: aggression, self-injury, disruptive behavior, pica, and other challenging behaviors. This type of therapeutic approach sometimes runs consecutive to comprehensive interventions. After a thorough assessment, focused goals are written and appropriate behavioral technologies are prescribed. Typically, focused interventions involve altering the environment to minimize problem behavior, establishing, and reinforcing adaptive behaviors, and withholding reinforcement for problem behavior.

Nearly four decades of research has shown that ABA-based treatment approaches are effective in reducing problem behavior and establishing appropriate skills with children and adults in home, school, and community settings.

Our Commitment

Blue Sprig Pediatrics is on a mission to transform the ABA landscape for children on the spectrum.

Blue Sprig was founded with one thing in mind: to provide the very best services to all children with Autism Spectrum Disorder regardless of parental means.

We will not stop investing. We will not stop researching. We will not stop building the world’s greatest team of clinicians, until all children, everywhere, are receiving the services they truly deserve and so desperately need.